Private Yoga with Paula


Benefits of Yoga 

  • Develop Flexibility & Strength

  • Weight Loss & management 

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve Sleep

  • Avoid Injuries in other sports and daily activities


Why Private Classes?

  • Personalized, 1-on-1 training to achieve your health goals 

  • Learn quickly, go deeper with personal attention & training

  • Practice based on your schedule, your availability


Class Packages*

  • 1 Month Package (4 classes) 300€ Fall Rate: 279€ Save 10%  

  • 2 Month Package (8 classes)   600€ Fall Rate: 449€ Save 25%  

  • 4 Month Package (16 classes) 1200€ Fall Rate: 839€. Save 30%                           

*Fall rates Sept 15th till October 15th only

*passes expire one year from date of purchase

*rates are for Online Private Classes only




Classes are held via Zoom video call. You can join via your phone or computer. Together, we’ll work specifically on your health goals using the best yoga practices to serve you. This is highly-individualized and designed to help you get the most benefits in the least amount of time possible.

You also have the option of inviting a guest to each private session.



  • Turn off your phone, plug in your computer (or check the battery)

  • Use a yoga mat

  • Wear comfortable clothing 

  • Schedule 60 minutes uninterrupted 

  • Avoid eating before practice





    Check with a trusted medical professional before starting any new exercise routine. If you have an existing medical condition or injury, make sure your doctor approves of yoga as a rehabilitation protocol. Your health is your responsibility, please take care and err on the side of caution. 



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